Cute Affordable Additions To Cozy Up Your Apartment

Cute Affordable Additions To Cozy Up Your Apartment

There are so many different ways to spruce up your apartment to make it feel cozier and more inviting. If you are looking to do some fun decorating around the house, but don’t quite know where to start, here are a few great ideas that will leave your home looking and feeling like a brand new space.

A Bar Cart

Before we owned a bar cart, we kept all of our “adult” beverages in a cabinet and it took up so much space. We love to host our friends and with that means having drink options. So, we purchased a bar cart to house our collection. For my husband and I, we loved the look of a sleek bar cart, brass gold (instead of shiny), decorated with beautiful glasses and a whisky decanter. It is the perfect addition to any apartment and I linked ours. Sift around online to find the perfect cart to match your style.


Mirrors look good in almost ANY room, from the bathroom to the living room. You can decorate around them with console tables and plants, or you can use standing mirrors to reflect open spaces. When placed mindfully, mirrors can make a room look a little fancier and well put together. You can find an affordable but beautiful wall mirror at target for $80 (pictured). Suppose you’re looking for a standing mirror. In that case, Target also offers those. Of course, if you’re willing to invest in great furniture for a few hundred bucks you can get something like this.


Adding lights as decorative accents to your apartment can really tie a room together. Sometimes overhead lights are just too bright. And let’s be real here, some apartments even opt-out of overhead light these days leaving us to find creative ways to bring the perfect amount of light to each room. If you are looking for something classic, sleek and affordable, you can opt-in for something like the lamp pictured. A lamp like this can provide a good amount of light for your living room, bedroom, or office space for $70. If you’re wanting to splurge and find a cozier, high quality lamp, check out the lamps at West Elm, everything they sell is to die for.


One great way to bring an apartment to life is adding a mixture of real and fake plants. My husband and I went a little crazy recently. We have plants all over the apartment, including hanging plants next to the TV. We wanted to warm up the space and become plant parents. However, we do throw in a fake plant every now and then, in order to reduce the responsibility.

There are many unique ways to decorate and enhance your home vibe. I hope this list gives you a great place to start!

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