Wedding inspiration

Wedding inspiration

I absolutely have to share some wedding photos with you ladies. I know how important sifting through ideas was for me when wedding planning. All of these photos were taken by Sheri Angeles (@sheriangeles on instagram). If you want to repost anything from my blog, please credit us.

The Dress and Heels

The dress and heels (or shoes) have to be perfect for YOU. I wanted a dress with a train that accentuated my curves and shoes that made me feel like a princess but weren’t too hard to walk in. I knew I wanted designer heels, so I gave myself a budget for the dress, and you should have one too. This dress was the first one I tried on, and it was the one I bought.

Don’t forget a special hanger with your new last name. You can buy them on etsy.

Details from the entrance

Ceremony details

Don’t forget a mother’s bouquet on both mother’s chairs to make them feel special. If they are no longer with you, a seat with a photo of them plus the bouquet could be special 🙂

Cocktail hour

Make sure to have a card box, a wedding book, a giveaway gift, a specialty drink, and koozies!

And now for my favorite part of the entire night…

The Reception

After the year many had, I wanted it to feel like a wonderland. It was time to escape and feel like we were all dreaming.

Two suggestions, unless you are cake fanatics, go for gourmet cupcakes! We saved so much money and many people didn’t even eat them! Lastly, if you can opt for a 6-hour time block for your wedding day, DO IT. The time flies by.

These are the details from our wedding. We hope that you guys loved getting an inside sneak peek.

Remember, it’s your day!! Have fun and stay present.

Xoxo, Jaz.

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